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Notes for Believe Talent Fund applications

Please make sure you read the Application Guidance Notes before applying and you have the necessary information ready:

  • Supporting documents including National Governing Body (NGB) and/or club endorsement of standard ready to upload (including Name and contact) – PDF
  • A URL that links to ranking/national standard
  • Quotes for the items you outline in the budget (if single item more than £200) – URL or PDF

As stated in the ‘Application Guidance Notes’ if successful we expect athletes to promote the fact you have been supported by the fund which includes attending promotional photos and events. Athletes are also required to give back up to 6 hours volunteering in the Wigan Borough in return for investment.

Please note you cannot apply for funding for events/activities that have already taken place or for items that have already been paid for. Receipts will be required at the end of the grant. From an application deadline please be aware funding may not be granted for up to 6 weeks, so please plan this in your funding request.

Athletes who have TASS (Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme), Sports Aid or Backing the Best funding are ineligible for this fund.

Any more questions?

For more details or assistance completing the application form please contact Katie Eastwood, Inspiring healthy lifestyles' Club and Workforce Officer:

  • Email: Call: 01942 488495

Believe Talent Fund application form

1) Mainstream or emergency funding
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2) About you
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4) Financial need
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5) Amount Requested and How Funding Would be Used
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7) Proof of eligibility for Believe Talent Fund (must be provided with this application)
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8) Sports events. Please detail below recent events in which you competed or performed - and how you gained entry to them.
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How you gained entry to this event
How you gained entry to this event
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